Best WiFi Extender in 2024

WiFi Extender


In today’s fast-paced world, having a strong and reliable WiFi connection is essential. However, dead zones and weak signals can be a frustrating reality for many. This is where WiFi extenders come in to save the day. By boosting your existing WiFi signal, extenders help eliminate dead zones and ensure a seamless internet experience throughout your home or office.


  1. TP-Link AC750 WiFi Extender
  2. TP-Link AC1200 WiFi Extender
  3. TP-Link AX1800 WiFi 6 Router (Archer AX21)
  4. Amazon eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 extender
  5. Google Wifi – AC1200 – Mesh WiFi System – Wifi Router – 1500 Sq Ft Coverage

1. TP-Link AC750 WiFi Extender


  • Dual Band WiFi Extender offers up to 44% more bandwidth compared to single band N300 extenders
  • Boosts Internet WiFi coverage up to 1200 square feet and connects up to 30 devices
  • Eliminates Wi-Fi dead zones and provides a lag-free connection to various devices
  • Easy setup with just 2 simple taps and smart indicator light for optimal installation
  • OneMesh Technology enables seamless roaming when paired with Archer A7 Router


  • All Wi-Fi extenders are designed to improve coverage, not directly increase speed
  • Improving signal reliability may affect overall throughput in some cases
  • System requirements may limit compatibility with older operating systems like Windows 98SE or NT

2. TP-Link AC1200 WiFi Extender


  • Extends Wi-Fi coverage up to 1500 square feet
  • Connects up to 30 devices
  • Compatible with any Wi-Fi router or access point
  • Fast Ethernet port for wired speed and reliability
  • Access Point Mode to turn wired Internet connection into wireless access point
  • Universal compatibility with all Wi-Fi-enabled devices
  • Supports TP-Link OneMesh for creating a Mesh network


  • Provides wide coverage area
  • Supports multiple device connections
  • Easy setup and compatibility with various routers
  • Fast Ethernet port for wired connections
  • Can function as a wireless adapter for wired devices
  • Seamless whole-home coverage with OneMesh support


  • Limited to 1500 square feet coverage
  • Maximum of 30 device connections
  • May require additional setup for Access Point Mode
  • Compatibility may vary with certain devices or routers
  • OneMesh support limited to specific TP-Link routers

3. TP-Link AX1800 WiFi 6 Router (Archer AX21)


  • VPN Server: Archer AX21 supports both Open VPN Server and PPTP VPN Server
  • Dual-Band WiFi 6 Internet Router: Wi-Fi 6(802.11ax) technology for faster speeds, greater capacity, and reduced network congestion
  • Next-Gen 1.8 Gbps Speeds: Enjoy smoother streaming, gaming, downloading with WiFi speeds up to 1.8 Gbps
  • Connect more devices: Wi-Fi 6 technology communicates more data to more devices simultaneously using OFDMA technology
  • Extensive Coverage: Achieve strong, reliable WiFi coverage with Beamforming technology, 4 high-gain antennas, and advanced FEM chipset
  • Works with all internet service providers, a modem is required for most ISPs


  • Supports both Open VPN Server and PPTP VPN Server
  • Faster speeds, greater capacity, and reduced network congestion with Wi-Fi 6 technology
  • Next-Gen 1.8 Gbps speeds for smoother streaming, gaming, downloading
  • Connect more devices simultaneously using OFDMA technology
  • Extensive coverage with Beamforming technology, high-gain antennas, and FEM chipset
  • Compatible with all major internet service providers


  • Requires a modem for most internet service providers

4. Amazon eero 6 dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 extender

Expand your eero wifi range – With an eero 6 extender, you can increase your Wi-Fi 6 coverage by up to 1,500 sq. ft. This allows you to enjoy a seamless connection throughout your home, eliminating dead spots and buffering.


  • Provides a significant boost to your existing eero mesh wifi system, extending coverage to hard-to-reach areas.
  • Compatible with previous Wi-Fi generations, ensuring backward compatibility.
  • The eero app guides you through the setup process, making it quick and easy.
  • TrueMesh technology intelligently routes traffic, reducing drop-offs and ensuring a stable connection for activities like streaming 4K video, gaming, and video conferencing.
  • Automatic updates keep your network up to date and secure.


  • Requires an existing eero network, so it may not be suitable for those who don’t already have an eero system.
  • While the eero app provides setup assistance, some users may still find the process challenging.
  • Limited to Wi-Fi 6 coverage, so devices that don’t support this standard may not benefit from the extender.
  • The range extension may vary depending on the layout and construction of your home.

5. Google Wifi – AC1200 – Mesh WiFi System – Wifi Router – 1500 Sq Ft Coverage

Google Wifi ensures seamless coverage throughout your entire home. With a single Google Wifi point, you can replace your router and expand your network with additional points to maintain a fast connection in every room. This scalable system offers a 1 Pack option for up to 1500 square feet and a 3 Pack option for up to 4500 square feet. The points collaborate to create a mesh network, intelligently optimizing your Wifi speed for smooth streaming. Setting up your network is a breeze with the Google Home app, allowing you to get online within minutes. Take control of your home Wifi system with features like parental controls, device prioritization, network speed monitoring, and the ability to create a guest network. Google Wifi is compatible with all Google Wifi points and can be seamlessly integrated into any existing Nest Wifi system by adding more points for extended coverage.


  • Provides reliable coverage throughout the entire home
  • Scalable system with options for different coverage areas
  • Mesh network ensures fast and uninterrupted Wifi connection
  • Easy setup process using the Google Home app
  • Offers parental controls and other useful features for managing the network


  • Requires purchasing additional points for expanding coverage
  • Limited to Google Wifi and Nest Wifi compatibility


In conclusion, WiFi extenders are a simple yet effective solution to enhance your WiFi coverage and eliminate dead zones. With easy setup and affordable prices, there’s no reason not to invest in a WiFi extender to enjoy a strong and reliable internet connection wherever you are. Say goodbye to buffering and dropped connections – with a WiFi extender, you can stay connected and productive without any interruptions.

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